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Our Sun is dead. We must leave and spread upon the stars. One alien race has come forward to trade for their FTL Technology. However your translation technology is quite bad. You play as each delegation and must come to an agreement. 
## SETUP ##
You need three players: Human Delegation, Alien Consult, and the Neutral Arbitrator. 
Each player needs a computer/phone and can message each other. 
-- HUMANS --
Secretly choose two traits from the list. For each, flip a coin, if tails use the antonym.
- Proud
- Cautious
- Patient
- Loquacious
- Respectful
- Honest
- Polite
-- ALIENS --
Secretly, choose a trade goal:
- Natural Resources
- A Specific Technology
- Human Specimens
- Art, Music, & Culture
- Assistance in a War
- Galactic Political Allies
And a twist:
- You want to cripple them
- You wish to forge a long lasting alliance
- You think Humans are disgusting
- Your FTL doesn't work 
- Your government is going to not honor the agreement
## PLAY ##
The Humans and the Aliens negotiate their deal by sending their messages to the Arbitrator. 
Each message is first passed through http://www.translationparty.com by the Arbitrator before they send it to the other party.
Your goal is to reach an agreement.